About my work

„In stillness, insight into the core of our existence arises“ (Agustoni)

Ways of accompaniment:

My many years of experience in the field of therapy and meditation will support you with a harmonised combination of the above-mentioned methods.

It is important for me to work together with my clients, which means that your urgent request for change is needed in order to achieve an improvement in your quality of life.

Dorothee Decker
Practitioners of
Craniosacral Biodynamics

Where balance is attuned, dissociated feelings get integrated and rigidity gives in to movement.

This opens pathways for:

  • Deep relaxation, which significantly increases well-being and thus relieves pain
  • Release of past impressions from tissue and nervous system
  • Flowing awareness in perception and movement
  • Holistic health, with growing mindfulness for life itself …. which results in lightness, the experience of inner stillness and an expanded field of perception…

Contact with your resources will activate self-regulation and support you in looking at „All That Is“ from a different perspective.

„Pathways to Balance“ support your whole being in remembering its original, vital forces. These are guided by a very subtle dynamic and flow like ‚liquid light‘ in tidal rhythms through your whole body.
My gentle and unintentional accompaniment of these rhythms will have a positive effect on your whole life. This is because it serves to orientate you towards the healthy, innermost core of your being, through to a deeply felt resonance with the early embryonic heart, that lets you to be one with yourself and experience:

Real health is the awakening to the naturally balanced order that was once the beginning of all life. This contributes to balance between inner perception and outer endeavour. Health cannot really be affected by illness because it is the centre of its existence. Like a silent partner … simply there, unconditionally ready to see with the heart …

There is silent joy beyond time and space that is never disturbed.

Discover them right now!

Why wander into the distance when the good is so close….it is just a breath away.

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