Information about my specific applications
for the specialised field of


  • Vascular work in the shoulder-neck area for better supply of the optic nerves
  • Sphenobasilar joint work to support the eyes via the brain membranes
  • „Horizon Therapy“….regulates eye pressure, blood pressure and neck tension…
  • Jin Shin Jyustu (Japanese organ flow) for the liver with retinal problems
  • Craniosacral biodynamics for the heart in case of risk of blindness

So „foresight“ can also happen with the heart.
For further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Dentists / orthodontists
In addition to the general detonating techniques from craniosacral biodynamics, I work with

  • the parietal sutures, the sphenobasilar joint and the mastoid processes in preparation for special intra-oral techniques on the maxilla and vomer before I load the temporomandibular joint into its functional position.
  • This ensures a long-lasting correction in the oral cavity, which initiates adjustment work in the entire skull in conjunction with tooth augmentation or orthodontic measures.
  • Implants in the upper jaw often lead to a shift in the cranial sutures, which can be easily corrected by CSB, thus stabilising the optimal bite you have aimed for and achieved.


Our organs usually hold deep life issues that can be supported in their self-regulation with craniosacral balance. Biodynamic vascular work in the visual field contributes to the presure equilisation between the heart and the brain and thus relieves the heart and the lymphatic system.

  • Biodynamic applications on the coccyx are used in particular to resolve problem areas in the urogenital region
  • Cardiovascular balance in the abdominal area, especially the deep abdominal and pelvic vessels, helps to find comprehensive solutions in the field of internal medicine.

Explanations about cardiovascular balance (see other button) help to make the benefits of biodynamic work in this speciality more comprehensible.

Note: Craniosacral biodynamics is an empirical science. I have been trained in it for decades, with the basic knowledge of a physiotherapist as my foundation. I am not an alternative practitioner or a doctor and therefore I do not make naturopathic diagnoses and do not carry out curative treatments in the usual sense.

My expertise lies in sensing the dynamics in the fluid movements of the cerebrospinal canal and the vascular plexus. Thanks to my many years of training in mindfulness training and meditation with Dr Michael Shea, I am able to support clients with their psychosomatic issues. The promotion of resilience resulting from all the building blocks helps people to regain their strength.

I am at your disposal for further information.

For doctors

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