Immune balance and cell communication in the microcosm

We are healthy by nature.

When physical, emotional and mental stresses have a negative impact on our health, it is important to first assume that you are not ill, but that your immune system is not working properly! Our immune system is our lifejacket against viruses, so we need it to be strong, vital, balanced and well-informed. Joy and vitality and positivity are the most important nourishment for our immune system, because health is not just the absence of illness, it is reflected in our environment, our relationships, our way of life.

It is therefore helpful to find out about different levels of stress management and to recharge your batteries again and again. Strength lies in calm.

Health cannot really be affected by illness, because it is the centre of all existence. Like a silent partner … simply there, unconditionally ready to see with the heart „…

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Practice for holistic health

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