“Our primary breath is the origin story of love,
Silence tells the story of our BEING”
(Michael Shea)

Despite our differences, we are all the same. Beyond identities and desires, there is a common center, an inner core – an essential humanity whose essence is peace, whose expression is thought and whose action is unconditional love. When we identify with that inner core, we will honor it in others as well as within ourselves, and we will experience healing in all areas of life.
(Joan Borysenko)

In a very real sense, all life is connected. All people inevitably belong to a network, the elements of which are all interrelated and linked in a single garment of fate. Whatever directly affects a particular person also indirectly affects everyone around him. I can never be what I should be until you are what you should be and you can never be what you should be until I am what I should be. This is the characteristic of reality.
(Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.)

„If I find a place of peace and quiet in the universe, I can change the whole world.“ (Saying of an Indian mystic.) . This place of peace and quiet is within you, it has never moved. The earth moves yourself, the sun, the stars, everything rotates; but something within you is always absolutely and eternally still.

Archimedes said: „Give me a lever that is long enough and a pivot that is strong enough, then I can move the world with one hand.“


They say, „Silence is the language of God, and anything else is simply a bad translation.“ Silence is actually another word for space. Whenever we become aware of silence in our lives, it connects us to the dimension within us that is beyond space and time, beyond our ego. Maybe it’s the silence that flows through nature, or the silence in your room in the early hours of the morning, or the silence between the individual tones. Silence has no form – that’s why we cannot become aware of it through thinking. Thought is form. To become aware of silence is to be still. To be still is to be conscious without thoughts. You are never more connected to your essence, are you more yourself, than when you are still. When you are still, you are who you were before you entered time, before you took on this physical and mental form that we call a person. You are also who you will be when this form dissolves. When you are still, you are that which exists beyond time: unconditioned, formless, eternal consciousness.
(Eckart Tolle)

Interview with Michael Shea about craniosacral therapy on the heart and vascular system – deutsch 

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