Lectures - Ways of balance

Balance in every situation – is that possible?


  • Stress management through perception training.
  • Would you like more peace, strength and balance in your life? How about finding the healthy principle behind everything again and learning to follow the inner trace?
  • Health; just a question of consideration?
    Health cannot really be affected by illness; it’s like a silent partner…just there. We can learn to see this with our hearts again.
  • Training for timeless awareness. Instructions for silence exercises from biodynamic considerations and research
  • From heart to heart
    – what moves your heart – what carries your heart – what relieves your heart ..
    Real health is like an awakening to the natural order that was undisturbed at the beginning of each life. In order to find this again, certain perception exercises are required, but also an understanding of the early development of the heart, which is very exciting and touching. Finding the embryonic heart again as a felt trace of memory and recognizing that we have never lost the wholeness from which we came makes it easier for us to see and hear with the heart again. This actually makes us better conversation partners, employees and family members.
  • Our back, spine or midline?
    The cause of what strains it, what relieves it…
    is not to be found in ​​our everyday  perception.
    A look at the connections between the heart, brain and sacrum can shed light on the matter. If we get to know our biological still points, we will have to think less in order to calm down.
    Peace, as potential, then becomes the sun within us, which doesn’t always shine, but we know that it is there. Researchers also call the liquor that supplies our entire central nervous system ‚Liquid Light‘.

These topics can be designed as a lecture, workshop or day seminar…depending on enquiry. It is intended for private individuals in groups, as well as for teams and employees in a wide variety of companies.

I look forward to getting to know you, because it’s always nice to see how people learn to discover new things within themselves and with each other. 

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Dorothee Decker
Speaker for holistic health topics and trainer for movement and awareness exercises

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