Ways of accompaniment

  • CranioSacral Balance for babies
    Balance is a marvellous guide and companion for pregnant women, mother and child. Coming into the world is not always an easy journey. This sometimes results in imbalances for mother and child.
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  • CranioSacral Balance for adults and children
    All development begins in the family, in the interaction between adult and child. That is why I accompany people of all ages, because we are all of the same origin and „woven from the same cloth“ CSBD therefore serves to „find a common denominator“ in all our relationships.
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  • Cardiovascular balance
    Cardiovascular balance requires a very specific mindfulness that creates order at a very deep level and inspires solution work right down to the cellular level.
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  • Balance for the nervous system (neuronal communication)
    Cranial nerves are part of our peripheral nervous system, which not only supply our head, but also our neck and intestines. Accidental or birth-related structural changes to the base of the skull…
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  • Promoting resilience – solution-orientated support for trauma
    happens here via resonance with the fluid body (embryonic origin)
  • Our somatic experience is dependent on the interplay of many external and internal factors. By focussing specifically on the exchange of information between the cardiovascular system and the central and peripheral nervous system, a deeply felt sense of calm and relaxation can extend throughout the entire sensory and experiential experience.
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  • Immune balance and cell information for the microcosm
    We are healthy by nature. When physical, emotional and mental stress has a negative effect on our health, it is important to first assume that you are not ill, but that your immune system is disturbed!
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  • Training for Timeless Awareness
    We never lose the wholeness we once were . (Instructions for stillness exercises from biodynamic observation and research).
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Dorothee Decker

My many years of experience in the field of craniosacral balance and perception training will support you with a harmonised combination of the above-mentioned methods.

It is important for me to work together with my clients, which means that your urgent concern for change is needed in order to achieve a holistic improvement in your quality of life.

CSBD (Craniosacral Biodynamics) is based on empirical analysis and aims to increase self-awareness and self-healing. I am not a naturopath or medical practitioner and therefore I do not make any naturopathic diagnoses and do not carry out any healing treatments in the usual sense.

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