Pathways to Balance has a new location

My practice „Pathways to Balance“ has finally landed in Laboe ( in the North of Germany)! My rooms are close to the beach, so everyone can plan a walk on the beach  to integrate this holistic work after the treament. Holiday flats are round the corner, so to have a nice vacation time at this wonderful landscape is without question. You will be off on holiday on holiday, means  from the first day of your stay here. For the sake of easy integration, sessions will be given at the second day and even the day before leave, depending on how long is your stay, also inbetween. 

It’s worth a trip, as : Deceleration is the magic word at this place and in my sessions.

Here you will find my practice rooms PATHWAYS TO BALANCE for babies and adults.

Parkstraße 43, 24235 Laboe
Telephone: +49 4343-4329848
Mobile: +49 152-53817343

For a first contact it would be an advantage if you fill out the contact form to describe your request. Thank you very much.

I look forward to getting to know you!


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