Pathways to Balance

  • support
    the system in holistic recovery for all acute and chronic imbalances in the spine, the central and autonomic nervous system and the vascular system
  • balance
    our organs
    the immune system
    pregnant women and newborns
  • alleviate
    pain sensations through deep relaxation, which leads to solution-orientated successes, especially for migraine patients
  • inspire
    self-regulation of breathing, blood pressure and the autonomic nervous system
    for orthodontic therapies
  • relax
    the face for eye issues
  • untangle
    tissue memories of old traumatic experiences
  • improve
    the quality of our sleep
  • lead
    into mental relaxation and …
  • accompany
    in psychosomatic processes
  • enable
    the breathing for a three-dimensional expansion that gives space to our heart … and …
  • promote
    an „easy-flowing body awareness“ …
  • listen
    to what has never been heard … and help us to find new paths …

Note: The description of the effects is based on personal experience and empirical research.

Dorothee Decker
Practitioners of Craniosacral Balance

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