Explanations on CSBD for the developmental support of babies

Craniosacral Balance is a wonderful guide and companion for pregnant women, mother and child.

Giving birth is not always easy. This sometimes results in imbalances for mother and child.

Non-specific symptoms such as intermittent abdominal pain, shrill crying, breastfeeding problems and exhaustion are to be understood as a kind of call for support from the newborn as it seeks to re-establish the familiar unity. 

Such symptoms can be minimized by balancing the autonomic nervous system and realigning the infant’s fluid body until a new order towards calm and balance is established over time. In this way, the rhythm of life energy can unfold freely in the mother-child unit.

Especially after caesarean births, CSBD can help to catch up on the last forming and releasing experiences. In this way, life can be welcomed to the full.

It is particularly gratifying to observe when a pregnancy gains much more scope for early communication with the unborn child and its own inner spaces through very gentle craniosacral impulses. This favors a natural birth and the newborn is usually very balanced.

Craniosacral balance for babies

Children awaken our love. We meet them at the meeting point where they come and pick us up.

Being awake with a child is a true form of contemplation.

When we empty ourselves of our patterns of learned behavior, we encounter them and they awaken us for the encounter with creation.

Dr. James. S. Jealous , founder of the biodynamic approach to child treatment

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