Thematic insights into this pre-peri- and postnatal support to promote the development of infants

Seeing the whole is the first biodynamic principle. In allopathic medicine, we typically look at parts (symptoms) without always being able to consider the whole (cause). In biodynamics we are primarily interested in the whole, because CSBD works primarily in connection with the fluid body. This is of particular importance when accompanying children, where the inherent forces of life are still in the foreground.

A few years ago, a scientist from MIT in Boston reported:
The forces that shape us are the same forces that heal us and keep us healthy.

I would now like to give an overview of the biodynamic approach to developmental support for children and infants:
The application of this method with a child differs significantly from the approach with an adult. The forces that create the form produce a constantly changing state of dynamic balance in the whole. Dysfunction can cause fragmentation so that the child cannot grow, develop and unfold in an optimal way.

„A child cannot be treated like an adult, but an adult can be treated like a child.“ The main principle in the developmental support of children is to be transparent to the movement of creation that passes through the child. The biodynamic model adheres to this principle and endeavours to use only the inherent powers of primary respiration. This requires therapists not to bring any force into the system in order to bring about a desired change. Therapists who work according to the biodynamic model do not move in the direction of restriction or dysfunction (direct technique), but rather look for involuntary movement in order to move in the direction of ease and thus support health.
The most important thing here is to establish communication with the child.
„Before any treatment, we strive to meet the child.“
The primary focus should be on synchronising with the whole and with the therapeutic forces of transformation as they express themselves in the moment.

„Children awaken our love. We meet them at the meeting point where they come and pick us up.
Being awake with a child is a true form of contemplation.
When we empty ourselves of our patterns of learned behaviour, we meet them and they awaken us to the movement of creation.“
Dr James S. Jealous D.O., founder of the Biodynamic Approach to child treatment

For midwives and paediatricians

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